This set of documents contains detailed and in-depth explanations of Project Sprint.

Table of Contents

  1. Useful Concepts for Organizing the Project Timeline (tracks/phases/events)
  2. Using a Milestone Map
  3. What Are Some of the Things That Are Produced in a Project(outputs/deliverables)
  4. Preparing Project Environments
  5. Setting Up Roles That Are Easy to Use in Practice
  6. Using a Roll Sheet
  7. Know-How About the Meeting Environment
  8. All Elements That Should be Included in the Agenda
  9. Typical Looking Back Techniques
  10. Tension Triage Methods
  11. How to Set Tasks in a Way That Makes Sense to the Team and Is Efficient
  12. Why Meetings Should Be Held on a Regular Basis
  13. Classification and Properties of Roles
  14. The Purpose of an Agenda

Project Sprint CODE